In our highly effective Workshops we share our proven methods and tools which will enable your sales teams to Sell More at Higher Gross Margins.

We will show your sales personnel how they can learn what’s MOST important to their customer. We will show them that their personal relationship with their customer is paramount and once accessed, what rewards they will find. Most importantly, we show them how to gain access to the personal side of their customer’s loop.

We concentrate on this gaining access to the customer and his objectives:

  • Eleven reasons for the customer to LIKE your sales person.
  • Four reasons for the customer to BELIEVE in them, UNDERSTAND them and TRUST them: getting customer’s agreement on little things leads to the big purchase decision.
  • We examine  the closing techniques and phrases that work (and those which don’t!)
  • We give your sales team four questions to close – including a voice mail close!
  • They will find out what it takes to get the “Big Jobs”.

Other important topics covered include:

  • Customer focused prospecting techniques.
  • How to conduct an effective initial appointment.
  • How to identify key customer objectives and help customers’ internal negotiations.
  • The importance of “Scrum Meetings”.
  • “Ask open ended questions: then shut up and listen to the customer.
  • Seven “Power Questions” to uncover customer projects and objectives.
  • Eight questions to ask when seeking higher level projects.
  • The importance of written proposals: when we can’t be in the room and the decision is influenced by people we can’t meet.
  • 100 open ended questions specific to selling.
  • How to create effective proposals to sell when you can’t be there.
  • The six functions of capital equipment sales people.
  • How to build personal, professional relationships’ and leverage them for more sales.