“Sheldon spent just under a day with our direct sales team focusing on (OBS) Objective Based Selling. I found the talk to be informative as did our sales team and have implemented many of the good practices used in this form of sales coaching.”
Nadim Admani
CEO - Salman Business Group
“We invited Sheldon into our business to deliver his initial presentation on Objective Based Selling. Following this talk we have commissioned Sheldon on a Consultancy basis to oversee the implementation of many of the practices imbedded in OBS.

I would highly recommend Objective Based Selling as a tool to improve the skills and knowledge of any direct sales team”.

Robert Atkinson
CEO - Caterway Ltd
“Our sales team attended Sheldon’s training session on Objective Based Selling. We found the session interesting and a good learning experience and have further scheduled a follow up meeting with Sheldon to review other areas where OBS can help our team be more productive, specifically in areas such as Prospecting and Proposal writing.”
Allan Cooper
Director - Impact Business Services
“As the Director of Sales & Marketing, I’d like to highly recommend the Objective Based Selling Seminar. Objective Based Selling is a business-to-business sales model designed to help material handling salespeople (Sales Professional) sell more at higher gross margins.”
Monte Himschoot
Director of Sales & Marketing - S&H Industrial Services
“Objective Based Selling continues to be the most effective formal sales education I have ever received.”
George Sefer
Vice President - Atlas Toyota Material Handling
“I am a strong supporter of the Objective Based Selling program. From first hand experience, I can state it helps close more deals at higher margins.”
Michael Dubbs
President - Storage Equipment, Inc.
“I continue to use the principles of Objective Based Selling in all dealings with clients. The principles continue to work today as well as when I was first exposed to them 12 years ago.”
Dennis Hensen
Systems Sales and Engineering Manager - Siggins Company