Across our three course options, the Objective Based Selling training material covers the whole spectrum of the sales knowledge and skills required to be a professional and top performing salesperson in the materials handling and capital equipment sectors.

Specifically, our Objectives Based Selling courses cover comprehensive training topics in the 21 areas listed below.

Designed to get you started with Objective Based Selling we offer you some FREE ARTICLES. You can read them by clicking the button alongside several of the training topics listed below.

1. A Sales Model for Materials Handling and Capital Equipment Salespeople

2. The Mistakes Salespeople Make

3. Know your Sales Environment

4. Learn the Objective Based Selling Sales Language

5. The Four Keys to Objective Based Selling

6. Focus on the Questions: 100 Open Ended Questions

7. Build personal, professional Relationships

8. Prospecting

9. Getting Past the Gatekeeper on a Cold Call

10. Increase cold-calling-to-appointment conversion rate


12. Understanding your customer’s needs

13. Create and conduct Review (Scrum) meetings

14. Create a Written Proposal that sells

15. Review Proposal with your customer

16. Delivering a PowerPoint/Keynote Presentation that works

17. Provide Proposal Support

18. MODIFY Proposal

19. Obtain Commitment – The Close

20. Handling Customer Objections

21. Winning the Big Jobs

22. Follow through

23. The Objective Based Selling Diagram – Your Memory Tool

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